The Story Behind The Rolling BeerBikes

The idea behind The Rolling Beer Bikes started when we attended an event where there were craft beer vendors serving some great beer. With the craft industry on the rise, we saw the opportunity to create an authentic mobile bar offering, serving customers a variety of great local craft.

The art and passion behind the making of craft products deserves to be served in a way that extends the experience from the maker to the consumer. There is so much passion going into the making of this unique product, it should be sold in the same manner.

So we created a simple mobile solution and retrofitted a secondhand bicycle to serve craft beer on tap; and so the Rolling Beer Bike Single Station was born.


It quickly became a little business on wheels,  serving craft beer on-the-go! We wanted to make sure that we could utilize the bike concept indoors as well as outdoors and ultimately bring authentic craft products to the consumer. In essence we took an old concept and brought it to life in a new way. Think about ice cream bicycles riding around selling ice cream… if only we could roam the streets and ring the beer bell to lure people to The Rolling BeerBike, we would probably be very rich by now.


Instead, we do all kinds of functions, events, parties and bachelors where you can book a craft experience with your friends.  We support all the local breweries and take their products to market through a unique craft tasting experience, from craft beer, whiskey, gin and more.

We now have four BeerBike stations with one in Cape Town and hope to grow our Rolling BeerBike stations all across South Africa.

Contact us for your craft experience and let the good times roll…